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County Commission Communications
A Periodic Column Written by Ed Douglas, Presiding Commissioner

Bridge Construction 2017
July, 2017

Livingston County has contracted to build two new replacement bridges this year.

One bridge is a 60-foot long bridge about a quarter mile west of Third Street on road 256. Chester Bross Construction was the low bidder for the project at $247,367, and the contracted completion date is September 1 of this year. This is a BRO Bridge which means that we are able to use Federal money for 80% of the cost (we receive approximately $200,000 per year of federal money for bridge replacement). The other 20% of the cost is paid for by the county in either cash or what is known as "soft match," which means we can use a credit for money the county has already spent on bridges in the past.

C-t Photo / Jaime Saucedo 07 06 17

CAPTION: The bridge on Third street, just west of Chillicothe, is currently under construction.
Livingston County is replacing and widening the bridge, as part of a two-bridge replacement project going on this year.
The state is funding 80 percent of the cost to replace the bridge.

UPDATE 09 08 17 - The 3rd Street Bridge has been completed and was officially opened yesterday. Measuring 60 feet long and 24 feet wide, this Livingston County bridge cost $247,000 to build but is part of the Bridge Off System (BRO), which means that 80 percent of the funds were provided in federal money to update county bridges. It was built with galvanized steel girders because of its proximity to water and flooding. The bridge was constructed by Chester Bross of Hannibal and designed by Howe Company Engineering, of Macon.

C-T Photo / Jaime Saucedo C-T 09 08 17

The second bridge we have contracted to replace is a 55-foot long bridge on road 269 about three miles from Chula (east on KK then south on 269). This bridge is one that our county is paying 100% for, which will produce "soft match" money for future bridges. MS Contracting was the low bidder on this project at $119,797, and the completion date is November 1st of this year. We have requested that they finish this bridge as soon as possible to help farmers during harvest, and the contractor has indicated that, with favorable weather, he hopes to be done several weeks before the deadline.

UPDATE 09 21 17 - The bridge on County Road 269, just off of KK, about five miles east of Chula, was reconstructed and completed on Thursday. The new bridge is 55 feet long and 22.6 feet wide, and the deck was raised by five feet. The project cost $173,000, and MS Contracting of Brookfield was contracted for the bridge. The former bridge was much more narrow, with poor alignment with a lower crossing and had a 10-ton limit.

C-T Photo / Jaime Saucedo

We have in our plans to build a new bridge on road number 235 next year in 2018 which is not far from the bridge off the Third Street bridge mentioned above. Road number 235 runs perpendicular to road 256 into old highway 36. Our county has nearly 400 bridges, 200 of which are eligible for BRO funds based on a federal eligibility requirement for those that are 20-feet or more in length. We have another approximately 200 bridges shorter than 200-feet. These smaller bridges are replaced as needed, when affordable, by our bridge crew. Sometimes the replacement for these smaller bridges can simply be a metal tube rather than an entire bridge.

Decisions in which bridge to replace are based on a number of factors. We use the MO Dept of Transportation inspection and rating reports on the conditions of the larger BRO bridges to help us determine which have the highest priority for replacement. Additionally, we look at the need for a particular bridge, using factors such as estimated daily traffic volume and whether the bridge is used by school buses and mail trucks. Unfortunately, funding restrictions only allow us to replace a couple of the longer bridges each year; but once they are replaced, they should last for many years to come.

If you have any questions on bridges, please feel free to contact us.

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