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KarenWelcome to our online resource page. If you have any questions about what you see here, please call 660-646-8000, option 5.

Karen Hinton, Victim Rights Advocate - Providing support, encouragement and referral services to crime victims in their time of need. All services are provided free of charge. Located in the Livingston County Prosecuting Attorney's office on the second floor of the Livingston County Courthouse.

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Office Phone: (660) 646-8000, option 5 (ext. 215)
If you are visiting the courthouse, every office is open 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., including noon, Monday-Friday.

On June 7, 2011, Livingston County Prosecuting Attorney Adam Warren announced the hiring of Karen Hinton as the victim advocate for Livingston County. Hinton and her family have been Chillicothe residents since 1999. For the past 10 years, she has served as the Children's Ministry Leader at United Methodist Church of Chillicothe. She began her duties May 2.

Crime can destroy a personís sense of safety and security. As the victim advocate, Hinton provides support, encouragement and referral services to crime victims in their time of need. All services are provided free of charge. The victim advocate's office is located in the Livingston County Prosecuting Attorney's office which is located on the second floor of the Livingston County Courthouse. She may be reached at 660-646-8000 ext. 215.


Local dignitaries and community members gathered on the north side of Danner Memorial Park on Arbor Day, Wednesday, May 18, 2011, to commemorate the planting of five trees, courtesy of the Crime Victims' Rights Committee of Chillicothe Correctional Center.

C-T Photo / Catherine Stortz Ripley / 05/19/11

A number of individuals were present for a brief ceremony led by Chillicothe Mayor Chuck Haney. Among those present were representatives of the Department of Corrections, Chillicothe City Council, Crime Victims' Rights Committee, Park and Tree Advisory Board, Chillicothe Parks and Recreation, and members of the public. Chillicothe is one of 77 communities in Missouri that is designated as a Tree City USA. Through donations from the Crime Victims' Rights Committee, the city's parks department was able to purchase and plant two peach trees, two flowering cherry trees, an autumn blaze maple and a Japanese maple. The newly-planted trees are part of the Crime Victims' memorial area at the park as well as other locations identified on the park's tree plan.

Remembering Victims of Crime
Published: Thursday, April 30, 2009, C-T

CAPTION: Victims of crime were remembered April 30, 2009, at the Livingston County courthouse during a program held in observance of National Crime Victims Rights Week. As part of the program, those in attendance had the opportunity to tie ribbons of various colors representing the victims of specific crimes on the People's Tree at the southwest corner of the courthouse lawn. The ceremony was organized by the Chillicothe Correctional Center and the Crime Victims Rights Week Committee.

C-T Photo / Laura Schuler

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These services are available (free of charge) to victims of crime, but are not limited to:

  • Crisis Intervention
  • Supportive Listening
  • Community Referrals
  • Adult Abuse Assistance
  • Court Case Status and Court Accompaniment
  • Assistance with Victim Impact Statement and Crime Victimís Compensation
  • Assistance with Restitution and the Recovery of Personal Property

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1. The right to be present at all criminal justice proceedings at which the defendant has such right, including juvenile proceedings where the offense would have been a felony if committed by an adult;

2. Upon request of the victim, the right to be informed of and heard at guilty pleas, bail hearings, sentencing, probation revocation hearings and parole hearings, unless in the determination of the court the interests of justice requires otherwise;

3. The right to be informed of trials and preliminary hearings;

4. The right to restitution, which shall be enforceable in the same manner as any other civil cause of action, or as otherwise provided by law;

5. The right to the speedy disposition and appellate review of their cases, provided that nothing in this subdivision shall prevent the defendant form having sufficient time to prepare his defense;

6. The right top reasonable protection form the defendant or any person acting on behalf of the defendant;

7. The right to information concerning the escape of an accused form custody or confinement, the defendantís release and scheduling of the defendantís release form incarceration; and

8. The right to information about how the criminal justice system works, the right and the availability of services, and upon request of the victim the right to information about the crime.

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Missouri Victim Assistance Network - MoVA has become a force within the State of Missouri in the efforts to improve the treatment of victims of crime working to establishing a Rural Outreach to Crime Victims of Missouri.

Missouri Office of Victim Services - In 1993 the department's Office of Victim Services (OVS) was established by the Department of Corrections to ensure information is provided on a timely basis to Missouri crime victims. In 1997, the office was expanded to include staff to provide additional services and implement an automated notification system known as VINE. The department is now a part of the statewide MOVANN system which enables victims to call a toll-free number to obtain information about offenders and register to receive notices of changes in an offender's status.

Crime Victims' Compensation Program - The Crime Victims' Compensation Program provides financial assistance to victims who have suffered physical harm as a result of violent crime. It is a division of the Missouri Dept. of Labor & Industrial Relations, Division of Workers' Compensation.

Missouri Office for Victims of Crime - The mission of the Missouri Office for Victims of Crime is to ensure that people affected by crime are treated with fairness, dignity and respect. The Office for Victims of Crime shall coordinate and promote the state's program for victims of crime and coordinate efforts with statewide coalitions or organizations that are involved in efforts to provide assistance to victims of crime.

National Center for Victims of Crime - Helping crime victims rebuild their lives.

National Organization for Victim Assistance - Promoting rights and services for victims of crime and crisis everywhere.

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence - NCADV is comprised of people dealing with the concerns of battered women and their families. We represent both rural and urban areas. Our programs support and involve battered women of all racial, social, religious and economic groups, ages and lifestyles.

Missouri Attorney General's Office List of Agencies to Call for Help - A list of state agencies that provide services to crime victims in Missouri, as well as other other federal and nonprofit agencies that provide services to crime victims.

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