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C-T, December 14 & updated December 24, 2018
By Angie Talken

Bridge on County Road LIV 222 - County Commissioner Ed Douglas said the bridge, which is less than 20 feet long, was recently inspected and was found to be unrepairable and dangerous to drive on. Douglas and the commission immediately closed the bridge and ordered a tube to replace the structure. For safety reasons, the bridge located about one mile north of town and one mile east of Highway 65 on County Road LIV 222 will remain closed for several weeks. Douglas said there are approximately 120 bridges in the county which are more than 20 feet long and inspected annually by county crews and the Missouri Department of Transportation. There are approximately the same number of bridges under 20 feet; and while those are not all annually inspected, the bridge at LIV 222 was recently noted to be in disrepair, prompting an inspection and subsequent bridge closure. Douglas says the small bridge on LIV 222 was replaced very quickly and only had the road closed for a few days. He says they got lucky on finding a tube - much faster than expected.

Bridge on County Road LIV 235 - On December 20, 2018, the second Livingston County bridge opened in just a matter of days. County Commissioner Ed Douglas said the new Livingston County Bridge on LIV 235, about a quarter of a mile south of West Third Street is now open. The new bridge is 60 feet long and about 28 feet wide. It replaces an old bridge that was in "bad shape," according to Douglas. The old bridge was only about 14 feet wide and was subject to flooding. The new bridge is several feet higher, Douglas said the county crews started working on the bridge about three months ago, but the work was interrupted by flooding. However, despite the interruption, the bridge was completed on time.

Douglas says they are glad to have these both done before the holidays.

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