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2008 General Election Coverage
Constitution-Tribune, Tuesday, November 4, 2008 and Wednesday, November 5, 2008

By Newsin3D.com

For Livingston County election results click here. (PDF 233KB)

For statewide results visit the Secretary of State website at http://www.govotemissouri.com.

For nationwide results visit http://www.cnn.com/election/2008/.

Election Sees 73 Percent Voter Turnout in County
Published: Wednesday, November 5, 2008, C-T

CAPTION: A large crowd gathered in the Livingston County Courthouse last (Tuesday) night to watch the election returns come in. The national, state and local races and issues attracted 73 percent of the county’s registered voters to the polls.

C-T Photo/ Laura Schuler

Nearly 73 percent of Livingston County’s registered voters went to the polls yesterday (Tuesday) to cast ballots in a general election determining a few area races, several state ballot issues and state and national contests.

In the presidential race, 3,993 voters favored Republican John McCain over Democrat Barack Obama, who earned 2,435 votes (or 37 percent). Thirty voters gave their presidential nods to Libertarian Bob Barr, and 30 others voted for Chuck Baldwin, of the Constitution Party. Sixty-four Livingston County voters cast ballots in favor of Independent Ralph Nader. There were 27 write-in votes.

For governor, more Livingston Countians voted for Jeremiah W. (Jay) Nixon, (D), than the Republican candidate, Kenny Hulshof. Nixon pocketed 3,520 votes to Hulshof’s 2,830. Other candidates earning votes from registered voters in the county were: Libertarian Andrew W. Finkenstadt, 61; Gregory E. Thompson, of the Constitution Party, 59. There were three write-in candidates. Peter Kinder (R), earned the most votes for Lieutenant Governor with 3,561. Democrat Sam Page won 2,603 votes. Libertarian Teddy Fleck pocketed 93 votes and James C. Rensing, of the Constitution Party, won 51 votes. There was one write-in candidate.

Robin Carnahan (D), won the most votes in Livingston County (3,798) in the secretary of state’s race. Republican Mitchell “Mitch” Hubbard (R), earned 2,383 votes. Denise C. Neely, of the Constitution Party won 106 votes and Wes Upchurch, of the Libertarian Party, won 71 votes. There were five write-in candidates.

In the state treasurer’s race, Brad Lager (R), earned the most votes (3,980) to Democrat Clint Zweifel’s 2,210. The Constitution Party’s candidate, Rodney D. Farthing, won 102 votes. There were five write-in candidates. For Missouri attorney general, Mike Gibbons (R), won 3,308 votes. Democrat Chris Koster won 2,919 votes. There were three write-in votes.

In the race for U.S. Representative for the 6th District, Sam Graves (R), trounced Democratic candidate Kay Barnes, 4,384-1,951. Dave Browning, of the Libertarian Party, pocketed 166 votes. There were four write-in candidates. In the heated race for 7th District State Representative, the majority of Livingston County voters cast ballots for Democrat Harry Wyse. Mike Lair (R), who eventually was named the winner of the race, came in second in Livingston County with 2,945 votes. There were 14 write-in candidates.

In the race for Livingston County Sheriff, Incumbent Republican Steve Cox won 5,108 votes to Shautcey Munson-Henry’s (D), 1,365. There were 10 write-in candidates. Todd W. Rodenberg (D) was the winner of the Livingston County western district commissioner’s race. He won 1,517 votes to Republican David Baker’s 1,328. There were two write-in candidates.

The following county races were uncontested: eastern district commissioner, Ken Lauhoff (D), 3,141 votes, write-ins, 25; assessor, Steve Ripley (D), 5,605, write-ins, 41; collector-treasurer, Martha Perry (D), 5,753, write-ins, 55; public administrator Sherry Parks (D), 5,716, write-ins, 34; coroner, J. Scott Lindley (D), 5,663, write-ins, 43.

Cox Elected to Third Term as County Sheriff
Published: Wednesday, November 5, 2008 by Amanda McKay, C-T

CAPTION: Livingston County re-elects Sheriff Cox.

C-T Photo/ Laura Schuler

By a margin of nearly 4-to-1, county voters re-elected incumbent Republican Steve Cox as the county’s top law enforcement official for the next four years. Cox received 5,108 votes to Democrat Shautcey Munson-Henry’s 1,365. Cox’ dominance of the contest was immediate and consistent from the receipt of the first voting results last (Tuesday) evening. With the victory, Cox will remain in the office as sheriff until 2013.

Rodenberg Elected for County Commission
Published: Wednesday, November 5, 2008 by Laura Schuler, C-T

CAPTION: Rodenberg gets nod for county commission seat.

C-T Photo/ Laura Schuler

A well-established lead for Todd Rodenberg shrank as later election results came in Tuesday night, but a strong showing in the district’s two city wards proved to be enough for the Democrat to win the Livingston County western district commissioner’s seat over Republican David Baker.

After watching the election returns come in at the Livingston County Courthouse last night, an elated Rodenberg said he was pleased with his showing and, of course, the election’s outcome. “I feel great. I’m glad the whole process is over, first and foremost, and I’m just happy to come out on top,” Rodenberg said.

Rodenberg earned 1,517 votes to Baker’s 1,328, earning the majority of votes (791) in the city’s 3rd and 4th wards. Although not the winner of the race, Baker said he was pleased with his showing (his first foray into the political arena), and was happy with the strong support he received in the county’s townships.

Mike Lair Elected
Published: Wednesday, November 5, 2008, C-T

CAPTION: Carroll, Caldwell give Lair needed push to victory.

C-T Photo/ Laura Schuler

Missouri’s 7th District House seat remains in Republican hands after voters on Tuesday gave Mike Lair approval to fill the post currently held by John Quinn who is being forced out by term limits. The campaign for the open seat was hard-fought by both Lair and Democrat Harry Wyse, both of Chillicothe.

The election favored Wyse early as he carried Livingston County with 54 percent, compared to Lair’s 46. But, Wyse’s 510-vote edge soon slipped away as votes from Carroll and Caldwell counties were tallied. Although Clinton County’s 7th district voters supported Wyse, they were too few in number to restore the lead he had in Livingston County.

The 7th District encompasses all of Livingston, Carroll and Caldwell counties and a small portion of Clinton County. Lair received 7,935 (51.4 percent) to Wyse’s 7,507 (48.6 percent) in the entire district, reflecting a 428-vote spread.

Lair, 62, recently retired from Chillicothe R-2 School District after 38 years of teaching and said he made a point to attend school board meetings throughout the district and learn about their educational needs. “I wanted to have a really good feel for where they are,” Lair said. “I think that was more influential than anything else. The people were so nice and receptive.”

Voters Pack Polls
By Laura Schuler, Constitution-Tribune, Tuesday, November 4, 2008

CAPTION: The small voting room at Calvary Baptist Church was filled with 4th Ward voters this (Tuesday) morning. All four voting precincts reported people waiting in line to vote before the polls opened this morning at 6 a.m. and steady (and sometimes very busy) traffic. Livingston County Election Authority Kelly Christopher has predicted a 75 percent Livingston County voter turnout; by mid-morning, about 39 percent of the county’s registered voters had cast ballots.

C-T Photo/ Laura Schuler

Today’s historic general election attracted registered voters of all ages to the polls in and around Chillicothe. Despite the larger crowds, local election judges reported little (if any) problems by mid-morning. “This is the busiest (general election) that I’ve worked — and I’ve worked four of them,” said 3rd Ward election judge Ella Robinson.

Livingston County Election Authority Kelly Christopher has predicted a 75 percent voter turnout in the county and by about 11 a.m., the county was on its way to hitting that mark. A total of about 2,937 ballots had been cast.

With the 800 absentee ballots cast added to that tally, about 39 percent of the county’s registered voters had cast ballots in about five hours of voting. By 10:40 a.m., 477 ballots were cast in 1st Ward; 536 votes had been cast in 2nd Ward; 294 votes had been cast in 3rd Ward; and 416 ballots were cast in 4th Ward.

Christopher said that the county’s township voting headquarters have also been busy. By 10:30 a.m., the following numbers were reported: Green/Mooresville, 130; Jackson/Sampsel, 170; Wheeling, 89; Blue Mound/Monroe, 172; Chillicothe/Rich Hill, 369; Cream Ridge/Medicine Creek, 130 and Grand River/Fairview, 154.

Election judges said they had seen several new faces during the general election. Among them in 3rd Ward, was Laura Baker, who voted for the first time in her life. She noted that the historical significance of the presidential election provided the incentive for her to vote. “This is a historical election and every vote matters,” Baker said after casting her ballot. “If (the candidate of my choice) is elected, I’ll have piece of mind and the knowledge that I’ve done my part as a citizen of the United States,” Baker said.

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