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Election August 3, 2010

For complete election results click here. (PDF 171KB)

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Parks Wins Three-Way Race
Pulls in nearly 51 percent of votes cast in Democrat race

Constitution-Tribune, August 4, 2010

C-T Photo/Laura Schuler

CAPTION: Despite only one locally-contested race, the posting of the election results at the Livingston County Courthouse last night attracted a large crowd. After the votes were counted, Sherry L. Parks, (standing at center) was elected as Livingston County Clerk over Kamie Gay (standing fourth from left) and Brandy S. Wedlock (standing at right).

In a primary election that saw only one locally-contested race, Livingston County voters gave Sherry L. Parks a resounding victory in her first attempt to secure the office of county clerk. Parks, who ran on the Democratic ticket alongside Brandy S. Wedlock and Kamie Gay, will not face an opponent in November because no other candidate filed for the office on another ticket.

She takes office on January 1, 2011, succeeding longtime county clerk Kelly Christopher, who did not seek re-election, but is running unopposed for the office of Livingston County Recorder of Deeds.

With a voter turnout of just under 28 percent, Parks pulled in 800 or 50.83 percent of the votes cast. Wedlock followed with 573 votes (or 36.4 percent) and Gay earned 201 votes, or 12.77 percent.

Parks said while she was pleased with her campaign, she did not know what to expect before the votes were tallied. The first batch of votes - absentee ballots cast prior to the primary - were calculated first, and right away, Parks jumped into the lead with 72 votes compared to Wedlocks' 35 and Gay's 24.

At the Polls
Tuesday, 08/03/10, C-T

C-T Photo/Laura Schuler

CAPTION: Pat Botts talks with a few election judges this morning prior to voting at 4th Ward voting headquarters, Calvary Baptist Church for the primary election. After the polls close, the three-way race for Livingston County Clerk will be decided as all candidates are listed on the Democratic ticket and no other candidate has filed with any other party.

County Filing Closes
By Catherine Stortz Ripley, Constitution-Tribune, Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Three candidates - all Democrats and all with experience in the county clerk's office - filed for the open seat of county clerk, a position held by the same person for 20 years.

Candidates for this post are Sherry L. Parks, 310 W. Harvest Drive, Chillicothe; Brandy S. Wedlock, 135 Garr Field Ave., Chillicothe; and Kamie Gay, 1405 Alexander, Chillicothe. Parks, currently the elected Chillicothe city treasurer, had been previously employed as a deputy clerk in the county clerk's office; and Wedlock and Gay are both currently employed as deputy clerks in the county clerk's office.

The county clerk's post has been occupied by Kelly Christopher since 1991. Christopher, 44, chose not to seek re-election to that position, but rather for the county recorder of deeds position. That office is currently occupied by Gordon Smith, who chose not to seek re-election. No one else filed for the recorder's position so Christopher will be unopposed in both the August primary election and the November general election.

Filing for County Offices Opens

By Laura Schuler, Constitution-Tribune
Tuesday, Feb 23, 2010

CAPTION: Five Democrats and one Republican declared their candidacies in the Livingston County Clerk's office just after the filing period opened. Candidates who filed immediately after the filing period opened are, starting second from left: Incumbent Eva Danner for presiding county commissioner; Incumbent Brenda Wright for circuit clerk; Sherry Parks, for county clerk; Kelly Christopher, for recorder of deeds; Incumbent James P. Valbracht, associate circuit judge; and Brandy Wedlock, for county clerk.

By Laura Schuler, CT

Five Democrats and two Republican have declared their candidacies at Livingston County Clerk’s office on the first day of the filing period for county offices. Within a minute, a contested race emerged for the position of Livingston County clerk.

Sherry Parks, 45, 310 West Harvest Drive, filed first for the county clerk’s office. Parks, who has served as Chillicothe city treasurer for the past nine years, filed on the Democrat ticket. She will face Democrat Brandy Wedlock, 28, 135 Garr Field Street, Chillicothe, in the primary election. Wedlock, who filed at 8:09 a.m., is currently a Livingston County deputy clerk — a position she’s held for four years.

Surprisingly, the current Livingston County clerk, Kelly Christopher, 44, of 10128 LIV 529, Chillicothe, did not file for re-election to that office. Instead, the Democrat, who has served in that capacity for almost 20 years, filed for the recorder of deeds office at 8:06 a.m., saying in a prepared statement that she is ready for “a new challenge.”

Others filing for office were:

  • Eva Danner, 61, of 1220 Elm Street, who filed for re-election to the Livingston County presiding commissioner’s post. Danner, who is finishing up her 16th year in office, filed on the Democrat ticket at 8:05 a.m.

  • James P. Valbracht, 56, of 1513 Vine Street in Chillicothe, was the sole Republican to declare his candidacy. Valbracht, who is currently serving as the Livingston County Associate circuit judge, is running for his second term in office. He filed at 8:10 a.m.

  • Brenda Wright, 53, of 12705 Liv 224, Chillicothe, rounded out the field of candidates filing 12 minutes after the filing period opened. The Democrat is finishing up her 12th year as circuit clerk.

  • Chillicothe City Attorney Adam Warren, 30, of 711 Washington Street, Chillicothe, who filed for the county prosecuting attorney’s office. He has served as city attorney for two years and filed as a Republican at 10:08 a.m.

Gordon Smith, a longtime county office holder, did not file for re-election this morning and says he will, after over 20 years, retire as an elected office holder at the end of his term. He was first elected to a two-year term as recorder of deeds in 2004 and was re-elected in 2006. However, he has been a fixture at the county courthouse since winning his first election as treasurer, ex-officio/collector in April 1989 and won voter support in every re-election attempt afterward. Smith said he has decided not to run for office primarily because of his age. (The longtime public servant will soon turn 70.) While he says his health is good and firmly believes that those who can work should, he also believes that persons old enough to retire should consider doing so to give younger persons a chance to work - especially in today’s economy.

The filing period closes on Tuesday, March 30, 2010 at 5 p.m.

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