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County Commission Passes Order Regulating Nudity in Adult Cabarets

Friday, February 12, 2010

CAPTION: A large crowd of pastors and concerned area residents gathered Thursday afternoon at the Livingston County Courthouse for a county commission meeting involving the passage of an ordinance to regulate nudity in adult cabarets. All those who spoke during the hearing were in favor of the order and no one spoke in opposition. The commission subsequently passed the ordinance.

C-T Photo/Laura Schuler

Rules are now in place for adult entertainment venues in Livingston County after commissioners on Thursday unanimously approved an order regulating nudity in adult cabarets.

Approximately 150 people filed into the circuit courtroom on the third floor of the courthouse for discussion regarding adult businesses. After hearing comments from several members of the public expressing concerns about a proposed strip club planned to open just north of the Chillicothe city limits the commissioners voted 3-0 to approve the order. The order went into effect immediately. No one representing the new business, which is called The Dream Palace, spoke during the meeting.

Adult cabarets, according to the order, is defined as a nightclub, bar, restaurant or similar establishment in which persons appear in a state of nudity in the performance of their duties.

The commissioners stated that the order is to provide standards to regulate the time, place and manner of the operation of adult cabarets in order to minimize their negative secondary effects. They said passage of the regulations would help reduce possible secondary adverse effects while allowing for alternative means of communication and free expression.

Specifically, the order:

  • Requires background checks to be conducted on all employees and results of the checks delivered to the sheriff's office prior to each person's employment
  • Sets the age limit for admission at 21 years of age (produce a state photo drivers license or a state photo identification card to verify their age)
  • Requires the presence of security personnel. Uniformed security guards to patrol and monitor the premises and parking lot areas during all business hours.
  • Requires random drug testing. Employers of any adult cabaret within the county shall conduct random testing on a monthly basis for the presence of illegal substances within the blood or urine or any or all employees of such adult cabaret. Any employer/employee of an adult cabaret testing positive for illegal substances in their blood or urine will be prohibited from working in an adult cabaret for two consecutive months and until they have presented certified proof to the Livingston County Sheriff's Office of a negative random test for illegal substances.
  • Prohibits display of nudity as defined by the order.

Presiding Commissioner Eva Danner said the county does not have authority to stop a business from operating, but does have authority to enact regulations. She said the order's main focus is on the health, safety, and welfare of county residents.

Prior to hearing comments from the public, Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox announced the regulations governing the public comment period. Among those speaking were Tim Buerky, Brandi Clark, Lawrence Booth, James Morgan, David Molina, Bonnie Midgyett, Walter Miller, Rick McCully, and Brynell Somverville.

A representative of The Dream Palace could not be reached for comment.

Click here for the complete Order... (36KB PDF)

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