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April 16, 2015 - Livingston County Assessor Steve Ripley reports that the 2015 reassessment has been completed in Livingston County. Reassessment is the process of bringing real estate properties to current market value and occurs each odd numbered year. Ripley states that impact or change notices were to be mailed Thursday, April 16. The notices show the 2014 market and assessed values and the 2015 market and assessed values along with the increase amount. This reassessment sees less than 8 percent of property owners receiving notices. Notices are generated when market value increases on a given property. The Assessor's staff has completed a parcel by parcel review of properties in the county. Some reasons that may cause the market value to increase are new construction, remodel, grade and condition corrections, front foot or lot value changes, or additions of omitted items. State Statute requires that residential property be assessed at 19 percent of market value and that commercial property be assessed at 32 percent of market value. Beginning Jan. 1, 2015, new agricultural productivity values went into effect. The most recent study conducted for the State Tax Commission indicated an increase in productivity values per acre for agriculture and horticultural land. The value increases range from $1 to $50 per acre and are used universally in the state. The 2015 productivity valuation increase is the first since 1995. State Statute dictates that agriculture properties shall be assessed at 12 percent of value.

Personal Property Forms

The assessor's office forms should have a preprinted list of items. Property owners need to examine the form carefully and follow the instructions provided, ADDING any personal property owned as of January 1 and providing the vehicle identification number (VIN), and MARKING THROUGH any items no longer owned.

E-filing is available to report personal and business property. Property owners will notice an ePin number printed on their property list - this number will be unique to each individual account. Follow these simple instructions to file personal property with the assessor's office; or, complete the form and return it to the assessor's office.

e-File Instructions

  • Visit the website: http://livingston.missouriassessors.com
  • Click the “efile personal property” button. (Each screen will step you through the process, but you can print these instructions for reference).
  • Have the Personal Property Assessment List you received in the mail available
  • Enter your account number located on the Personal Property Assessment List
  • Enter your ePIN located on the Personal Property Assessment List
  • Verify that you are on the correct account
  • "No" indicates that it is not the correct account
  • "Yes, and no changes are needed" indicates that it is the correct account and the list of property displayed accurately reflects the property you owned as of January 1st
  • "Yes, and edits are needed" indicates that it is the correct account and the list of property displayed needs editing to accurately reflect the property you owned as of January 1st
  • Verify your physical address as of January 1st and your current mailing address, edit the address(es) if changes are necessary
  • Enter your phone number
  • The assessor requires a phone number OR email address in case there are questions pertaining to your form during processing
  • Select whether your physical address was inside or outside city limits as of January 1st
  • Select whether you had moved from the listed physical address, and if applicable enter in the date you moved.
  • Select whether or not you also own real estate in Livingston County
  • Add, Edit or Delete Items from the account until the list of property accurately reflects the property you owned as of January 1st
  • Review your changes
  • Digitally sign the Personal Property Assessment List
  • Press Submit
  • Once completed, please Save or Print the PDF page for your records.

Personal property owners, including businesses, must report personal property owned on January 1 to the assessor's office by March 1, 2017. In early January, the assessor mailed a list to those personal property owners whose names appeared on the tax rolls. Those not returning a completed list to the assessor's office by the March 1 deadline are subject to a penalty. Penalties range from $10 to $100, depending on the value of the property. The statutes provide the assessor with almost no discretion to waive the penalties. Property owners who did not received a personal property list or who are new to the county are not excused from filing and should contact the assessor’s office at 660646-8000, ext. 2., or stop by the office on the first floor (Suite 3), of the Livingston County Courthouse.

The reporting of business and commercial property has changed for items purchased after January 2, 2006. Those items shall be depreciated using the Cost Recovery Tables, as specified in RSMO 137.122 and based on the IRS MACRS tables.

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The Assessor is a county elected position. The Assessor is responsible for  developing and maintaining a current list of all taxable real and tangible personal property in Livingston County and assessing the property annually. Assessed valuation provides the tax base for property taxes levied by various political subdivisions.

A county-wide elected office with a four-year term, the Assessor position is held by Steve Ripley. Mr. Ripley has been the County Assessor since 2000. His local county government experience includes working for the Livingston County Sheriff's office from 1988 to 2000.

Since coming to the Assessor office, Ripley has implemented several changes to the office including, personal property costing system, preprinted personal property list, real estate costing system (CAMA), remote editing system, Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping, including new aerial photography and about-to-be-launched a web based GIS system tying together the costing system, mapping and the most current recorded deed.

Ripley is a member of several organizations including, International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO). He has held all offices of the local North Central Missouri Assessors Association, currently serving as its president. He also is a member of Missouri Assessors Association, Missouri Mappers Association, and has served on the statewide livestock committee.

CAPTION: Livingston County Assessor Steve Ripley takes the oath of office for a third term during a swearing-in ceremony Monday in the lobby of the Livingston County Courthouse. County Clerk Kelly Christopher, right, administered the oath of office. Among those gathered were Ripley’s wife, Catherine, and children, Claire, Dalton and Stefani. Ripley was elected in November 2008 and while the terms of most other county offices began Jan. 1, the term of county assessor began Tuesday, Sept. 1). Ripley was first elected in 2000.

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Livingston County Court House
700 Webster St., Suite 3
Chillicothe, MO 64601

Phone: 660-646-8000, Ext. 2

  • Jana Howe Ext. 107
  • Angela Case Ext. 111
  • Linda Gilliland Ext. 106
  • Zoning Officer


E-Mail: assessor@livingstoncountymo.com

Livingston County employees recognized for milestone years of service in 2016 were from left, Ken Lauhoff (20), Mark Shockey (5), Chris Mueller (5), Karen Hinton (5), Paula McCoy (10), Linda Gilliland (25). Not Pictured: Brenda Estabrook (25), Amy Hobbs (5), Hilary Rasmussen (20), James P. Valbracht (10), Eric Menconi (5), and Westley Seifert (5).

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Assessor's office hours are 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.. We are open Monday thru Friday.

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Enhanced Real Estate/Web GIS Subscriptions, $300 /year (2 users, additional user id's are $30 each per year).

The enhanced Website is designed to bring the Assessor's, Recorder of Deeds, and Collector/Treasurer's offices to you 24/7. The Website is beneficial to those in the Real Estate profession, including appraisers, abstractors, surveyors, real estate agents/brokers, insurance agents all without having to come to the courthouse.

The Website includes mapping with mapping tools; property record information; the last recorded deed with an additional subscription website that will allow you to access prior deed information; and, the ability to view current taxes.

Subscriptions are $300 yearly, with a renewal date of September 1st of each year, subscriptions will be prorated at $25 a month for those subscribing after the subscription year begins. At this time, a yearly subscription is all that is available.

Livingston County reserves the right the refuse a subscription request or to terminate a subscription for improper use.

Please be reminded these data services are available as a convenience for the users of the data and in no way is intended to replace the need for physical inspections or verifications. The associated ownership data is assumed to be correct but may not necessarily be, and as such anyone making decisions or assumptions based on the associated data does so at their own risk. Neither Livingston County, Vanguard, Midland GIS Solutions, Tyler Technology nor Devnet can be held responsible for consequences that result in the use or misuse of this site or the data contained herein.

Application for Livingston County Assessor Website... Web Subscription Fees, Information, and Application

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